How To Get Rid Of Moth Ball Smell In Clothing

If you are a fan of consignment stores, thrift shops or just vintage clothing in general, knowing how to get rid of mothball smell in clothing can come in quite handy, should the need arise. Additionally, if you plan to resell these items, learning these techniques for removing the offensive odor is a necessity. Here are some inexpensive, helpful hints to help you enjoy your newfound treasures for years to come.

Things you’ll need:

  • Clothes Line
  • White Vinegar
  • Clothing Refresher (dryer sheets)
  • Mothball Deodorizer (optional)
  • Hangers (optional)
  • Dryer
  1. Hang them in the sun. Not everyone has a back yard, much less a clothesline; however, you can always use a makeshift one by tying a rope from one stable object to another, such as a couple of trees or heavy, tall chairs. Before washing them, see if you can get rid most of the mothball smell in clothing by hanging them out in the fresh air and sun for at least a week. The direct sunlight will break down the mothball smell in clothes. If it is a color that may fade, or a fabric, like silk, that will be ruined, choose a less sunny place for them to hang.
  2. Wash with white vinegar. Before loading the washing machine with your mothball smelling clothes, fill it with cool water and half a cup of white vinegar, along with your detergent. Run the load through twice, repeating the cool water and vinegar procedure. After the second load is complete, take them out and smell them.
  3. Tumble dry with clothing refreshers. Never try get rid of mothball smell in clothing by steam ironing or using any kind of high heat. This has been known to set the mothball smell in even further. This, of course would make it highly improbable to ever get rid of the mothball smell. Use slightly warm, tumble dry heat only. Try not to leave them in for very long, check them often, and keep adding the dryer sheets.
  4. Bring out the big guns. If after all of this, you still have not gotten rid of the mothball smell in clothing, you may have to invest in a mothball deodorizer product. They work by attracting and capturing the molecules in the air. Hang your clothing, along with the deodorizer bag nearby; the mothball smells should be absorbed.
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