How To Get Rid Of Pain With Sex

Knowing how ot get rid of pain with sex help make sex a more comfortable and pleasurable experience. Pain with sex can be caused for various reasons, which your doctor can help you understand more fully. While this guide is not meant to replace a physician's advice, it can definitely give you a few pointers to having less painful (or even pain-less) sex.

  1. Lubricate: Using a lubricant can be a great start for reducing pain during sex. If pain is caused by painful friction, lubricant can help make the process smoother. You should be sure to test for allergies first and make sure the lubricant you purchase is specific for sexual intercourse.
  2. Hygiene: This is perhaps the most important step to keeping your sex life painless and free from infections. If you maintain good hygiene, you can help prevent painful side effects like a urinary tract infection. If you are sexually active, do not take showers for granted because both your hygiene and that of your partner(s) is critical to avoiding pain during sex.
  3. Slow: If this is your first time having sex ever after a long period, you may feel some pain during sex. If so, slow movement may help ease you into the process and make sex less painful. Be sure your partner is understanding to help make intercourse less physically (and emotionally) painful.
  4. Get Tested: You should consider that the pain might be caused by an STD. Therefore, it may be helpful if both you and your partner get tested for STD's. This may help eliminate more serious concerns and help you determine what is the best route for you to take next.
  5. See a physician: If the pain is unusual, you may need medical attention and/or treatment. For instance, a female may experience pain if she has a yeast infection, which can be easily treated with Monistat. It is best to avoid any repercussions and seek a physician's advice.
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