How To Get Rid Of Painful Erection

Need to learn how to get rid of your painful erection? Don't worry about getting rid of your painful erection—it is easy to do. All you need to do is to relax and don't panic. 

Things you'll need:

  • Vehicle
  • Access to local hospital
  1. Masturbate. If that does not get rid of your painful erection, put on some sweatpants. If you don't know where the nearest hospital is located, head to your computer and do a quick search online. Write down the hospital's information and get directions if you think you need them. Drive over to your nearest hospital.
  2. Go to the emergency room and file a report, but mention chest pains. Patients that say they are experiencing chest pains are treated first since there is a chance they may be having a heart attack.
  3. Wait for your name to be called, which should be called shortly. Once your name is called, follow the doctor to the examination room.
  4. The doctor will ask you questions to see if you are having a heart attack. The doctor will run some tests. After he has done that, you will be asked to wait for a urologist. The urologist will then give you an injection of phenylephrine. If does not that not get rid of your erection, surgical shunts are next method attempted. So there you have it you now know how to get rid of your painful erection.


  • Try thinking about something you hate to get rid of your painful erection.
  • Try having sex to get rid of your painful erection.
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