How To Get Rid Of Painful Urination After Sex

Today’s serial monogamist or open relationship maven is sure to sooner or later wonder just how to get rid of painful urination after sex. This problem is the telltale sign of a sexually transmitted disease (STD) or infection (STI), and even though only the big and deadly ones make headlines, there are plenty of others that are neither deadly nor overly serious (although they still require treatment). The best strategy to follow in this instance is one of isolation and an immediate search for professional help.

  1. Visit the doctor’s office. Lab work determines the kind of STD or STI you caught. Finding out how to get rid of painful urination after sex requires an exact identification of the bacteria or virus that causes the condition.
  2. Take antibiotics to kill bacteria associated with Chlamydia, non-specific urethritis or gonorrhea. Painful urination and also penile discharge are common signs of this sexually transmitted infection. Do not stop taking the antibiotics even after you feel better! Take all of them as instructed by a doctor.
  3. Ask your partner to get treated as well. It is sufficiently uncomfortable to learn how to get rid of painful urination after sex; don’t make it embarrassing as well by having to return to the doctor in a month–after you get re-infected. These bacterial infections have a way of getting passed back and forth between two partners, even if one of both show no symptoms. Only concurrent treatment ensures that the infection does not get transmitted again.


  • Avoid sexual intercourse. Since the immune system is already compromised, it is possible to pick up a secondary disease from an infected partner. Give your body a chance to fight the already present infection with all its resources.

Keep in mind that these bacterial infections are not the only reasons for discovering how to get rid of painful urination after sex. More permanent is HSV-2, the herpes simplex virus. It is not curable and the pain associated with urination after sex may point toward the need for an antiviral medication to hasten outbreak recovery.

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