How To Get Rid Of Psycho Ex Girlfriend

How to get rid of psycho ex girlfriend is a pain in the ass. She exhibits all signs that she cannot move on or find other ways to heal; instead, she goes through desperate measures to win your heart back, which evidently push you over the edge. By now, you are tired of her silly antics and want to get rid of her for good.

  1. Do not play nice. Sometimes you must fight fire with fire with some people so be straightforward and say you never want her back. Another way to get rid of a psycho ex girlfriend is ceasing all contact with her. Your ex girlfriend clings to hope that you will comeback so do not call her or answer the phone if she calls. Block her as a friend if you have social networking accounts and always monitor it to make sure she is not using another identity, (pretending to be someone else) to talk to you. If you have mutual friends, keep the ones you trust enough to not give the ex information about you. The last thing you need is her using her friends to harass or monitor you.
  2. Change your contact information. Most psychos ex girlfriend refuse rejection so they blow up your phone with missed calls and leftover voice messages. If she constantly in contact, get a new phone number (both house and cell) and she will not bother calling again.
  3. Place a restraining order. Most psychotic ex girlfriends push things to the limit- stalking, damaging your property, or threaten your life. If your safety is in danger, contact your local police department to file a restraining order against your ex girlfriend. If she steps over the boundary by getting close to you, rest assured the psycho ex will eventually go to jail for violating the order.
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