How To Get Rid Of Sex Anxiety

Women and men all over the globe want to know how to get rid of sex anxiety. Sexual intercourse, and sexual interactions in general are very taboo in some cultures, notably Western society. Sex anxiety, thus, accompanies anything shunned by mainstream culture. While it is in your best interest to get rid of sex anxiety, understand that the road to sexual freedom may be long and hard (no pun intended).

Want to get rid of sex anxiety? Read up on these requirements:

  • A few, good friends
  • A weight set
  • A yoga mat


  1. Know that this is a very normal process to sexual suppression. Sex anxiety is common to those who aren't very open to that kind of thing. Environments which emphasize traditional values of chastity also exacerbates things.
  2. Work out. Not just for superficial reasons, but because working out releases a lot of endorphins into your system. This will make you feel good about yourself, your body, and your life (well, it'll help). Hey, and that good lookin' body is just the icing on the cake.
  3. Do yoga or Pilates. These exercises help with the maneuvering that sex might require, and brings about calm to the body. Bring out that unused yoga mat you've got and do some stretches, while increasing your body's flexibility. Your nervousness, and overall sex anxiety, will slow down to a standstill after proper relaxation techniques.
  4. Talk to your partner about your feelings. Being open with your romantic partner is essential towards understanding how to get rid of sex anxiety. Odds are, he/she will feel the same. Besides, opening up leads to a more productive sex life in general.
  5. If all won't get any better, see a sex therapist. Sexual specialists have studied these problems with special schooling. Odds are, your case isn't that different from others they have seen. What's bad about using this route to get rid of sex anxiety? The cost.

Sex anxiety can wreak havoc on your personal life. Know how to spot sex anxiety, and rush to a stress-relieving activity (such as yoga, weight-lifting, or running) immediately. Good luck, you sexual stallion, you.

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