How To Get Rid Of Sexual Performance Anxiety

Knowing how to get rid of sexual performance anxiety will give you confidence in many aspects of your life, from women, to the bedroom to your self-perception. It is surprisingly a common anxiety, though men will not usually seek help for it or even communicate this issue to anyone, dooming these tendencies to becoming self-fulfilling prophecies. If you are one of these individuals, implement the following strategies to boost your sexual confidence and prowess.

  1. Identify and isolate exactly what makes you believe makes you anxious. Many times, sexual performance anxiety has root in a belief or set of beliefs he has about himself. Do you have a tendency to feel shame when you prematurely ejaculate or have bouts of erectile dysfunction? Are you self-conscious about your body, or maybe about the size of your penis? Isolate what it is, and then work on it relentlessly.
  2. Consider other factors. If you’ve a pretty self-confident guy and you’ve ruled out some fundamental self-perception issues, look into your lifestyle. Maybe you have too much on your plate, whether your juggling work, school, family and more. Examine your eating habits—for example, too much caffeine, sugar and junk can make you feel horrible in general and worsen any anxiety you may be experiencing, which can percolate into the bedroom.
  3. Focus on positive aspects of yourself. If she’s willing to sleep with you, you must have done something right in the first place. Perhaps you have a good sense of humor, are a sharp dresser, dazzle with scintillating wit, or are caring and compassionate. Whatever things you like about yourself, more than likely she saw the same and more. Work full tilt whatever you have, and remember them when you’re about to be intimate.
  4. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help. You may have some physical or deep-seated psychological issues that you cannot resolve on your own. Communicate your concerns with a health care professional so that you can be helped right away.
  5. Go back to the basics. Sometimes, doing things as fundamental but important as improving your diet, exercising, getting enough sleep and making time for relaxing and fun activities does the trick.
  6. Find a partner you are comfortable with. If you can, find a partner who is understanding and makes you feel good about yourself, though this can, for most part, be deciphered through getting to know her. You’ll cut down on your anxiety considerably.
  7. Remember that your partner is human, too. Whether she purposefully puts on airs or not, your partner has feelings, fears and self-conscious tendencies just like you.  Putting her on a pedestal will automatically make you feel more nervous when it comes to sex, so don’t do it.
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