How To Get Rid Of Skin Tag

Need to know how to get rid of skin tag? While they are not dangerous, most people will want to get rid of skin tags. Skin tags are small pieces of tissue that hang off the skin and are most frequently found on the neck, torso, armpit, or groin. They occur most frequently in women over the age of 30, but anyone can get skin tags. Skin tags are usually simple to remove, but it is important to have it done right.

  1. Practice some home care. Wear loose clothing and avoid jewelry or anything that touches the skin tag. Keep your hands off as much as possible, touching it can cause increased irritation. Do not try to remove the skin tag at home. It is typically best to do nothing and simply wait to see a doctor. There are currently no creams or herbs that are effective at getting rid of skin tags at home.

  2. See a dermatologist. It is important to see a dermatologist to devise a plan for removal. This is also crucial because some skin tags can resemble skin cancer and a dermatologist can check to make sure the skin tag is harmless.

  3. Plan for removal. There are several options to get rid of a skin tag. Your dermatologist can help you understand the benefits of each choice and recommend the one that is best in your situation.  A dermatologist can remove the skin tag with a scalpel. They can also opt to freeze it off or use an electric current to burn it off. Some skin tags will grow back and need to be removed periodically. Others will be removed once and stay that way.



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