How To Get Rid Of Smegma

Guys, have you ever deliberated over how to get rid of penis smegma? This is an issue related exclusively to men who have an intact foreskin because, well, in order to develop a noticeable accumulation of smegma (or "knob cheese," its charming nickname), one needs to be in possession of an un-pruned foreskin. Some of the lay men may be wondering what we’re referring to, so before elaborating on how to get rid of smegma, we’ll unravel the secret of what this crap is in the first place.

Smegma is a stinky, white cheese-like substance secreted from the sebaceous glands in the foreskin made up of dead skin cells and a few other bodily fluids. Yeah, we know, cheesy stuff coming out of your body sounds disgusting, but really, smegma is perfectly normal and just has to be washed off regularly if it starts to build up. And no, contrary to what myth states, this thick gunk is not carcinogenic either to men or their romantic partners.

Here’s what you do if you find yourself faced with a clump of white crud on your junk, fellas:

  1. Preparation. Before you do anything, be sure to toss a little warm water on your genitals, scrubbing your bone when it’s bone-dry wouldn’t be too satisfying of an experience (and yes, you have to scrub). Also, you’ll need to use soap to get rid of smegma, so be sure to choose one that will not irritate the delicate skin on your bologna pony (so preferably nothing scented and nothing with little exfoliating grits).
  2. Unpeel the banana. Pull back your foreskin to expose the flesh underneath. Since smegma collects on the underside of the foreskin, you need to retract it in order to purge your penis of the offending substance. Just patting your bits with a little water and nothing else won’t do a bloody thing to keep it genuinely sluiced.
  3. Cleansing. Scour the area your foreskin has been hiding, and be sure to pay attention to the little spot right under the glans, this is a favorite hiding spot for smegma.
  4. Drying off. Once you’ve finished purifying your wedding tackle, be certain to dry yourself off before putting the foreskin back in place. Moisture trapped under the skin will promote the development of even more smegma.

Remaining uncircumcised requires some pretty minimal maintenance, so working this kind of cleansing into your typical bath or shower routine shouldn’t be too momentous of a hassle. Failing to properly get rid of smegma and freshen up your D-train could result in the manifestation of an infection known as balanitis (inflammation of the glans), this means you’ll need to visit a doctor for medication to treat your lackadaisical hygiene. Besides, you should be thoroughly washing your crotch anyway, especially if you have your partner go down on you.

If you find you’re having trouble retracting your foreskin to expunge the smegma from it, you should speak with a doctor, this is a condition known as phimosis or paraphimosis, and it should be discussed with a professional. While it’s not end-of-the-world serious, either of the aforementioned conditions could cause blood flow problems to the penis or may necessitate circumcision if they’re especially severe.

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