How To Get Rid Of A Smelly Scalp

How to get rid of a smelly scalp can vary depending on the individual. Some people may need to change their shampoo to get rid of a smelly scalp, while others may need to dig deeper for the cause of the problem. The following steps can help get rid of a smelly scalp on almost any head.

You will need:

  • Products to remove buildup
  • Shampoo for an oily scalp
  1. Wash hair regularly. Some people can get away with washing their every other day, but to get rid of a smelly scalp, it's important to understand that not washing hair enough may be the cause. Washing your hair once a day may be all you need to do to remove the odor. If not, continue to Step Two.
  2. Use products to remove buildup. Shampoos, hair spray and other hair products can cause a buildup on the scalp. This buildup clogs the pours and doesn't allow the scalp to breathe properly. There are shampoos and other products that can be used to remove the buildup and help get rid of a smelly scalp.
  3. Select a shampoo designed for an oily scalp. Once you get rid of a smelly scalp, it's important to take precautions to prevent the smell from coming back. One way to do that is to use a shampoo that will keep the scalp dry.
  4. Consult your physician. Sometimes a smelly scalp is caused by hormonal changes. These changes can be caused medications, such as birth control. If the above steps don't work, you may need to consult your doctor for a new prescription.


  • There are natural products that can be used to get rid of buildup and prevent an oily scalp as well.
  • Remember to choose shampoos that won't cause further buildup.


  • Cheap shampoos should be avoided when trying to get rid of a smelly scalp due to their poor quality of ingredients.



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