How To Get Rid Of An STI

Regardless of what type of STI that you are struggling with, you must know how to get rid of an STI! The ugly truth about STIs is that all the symptoms are hideous. As implied by the term, your partner can get infected with an STI if she has sexual contact with you. Luckily, having an STI is not the end of the world. The following steps can help you on getting rid of an STI.

To get rid of an STI, you will need:

  • Physician
  • Phone
  • Yellow Pages
  1. Make a doctor appointment. The first step to get rid of an STI is to pick up your phone and contact your physician immediately. The doctor does not have to be a specialist. If you do not have a physician, just select a family practice doctor by doing an internet search or going through the Yellow Pages under the Physician section.
  2. Get a diagnosis. In order to get rid of an STI, you must ask for an STI test during your doctor visit. A physical examination and other necessary lab tests will be required. Based on your test results, your physician can diagnose the exact type of STI that you are suffering from.
  3. Follow the treatment plan. Once your physician has your diagnosis ready, he or she will treat your STI accordingly. You might get vaccines, topical microbicides, or drug treatments. Regardless of what your treatment plan is, you must follow the exact instructions if you want to get rid of an STI.
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