How To Get Rid Of Tennis Elbow

If you play tennis or any other racquet sport, you will need to know how to get rid of tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is a form of tendonitis, which occurs from constantly repeating the same motions, which in turn, cause swelling and pain in the joints surrounding the elbow. There are only two sure fire methods you can use when considering how to get rid of tennis elbow. The first is to completely stop doing the movement that caused your tennis elbow–in most cases this is easier said than done. The second method to consider when you're looking into how to get rid of tennis elbow is surgery. The surgical methods for how to get rid of tennis elbow are generally done on an out-patient basis and take about a week to heal. 

  1. Stop what you're doing. Stopping the motions that are causing the injury is a vital step in how to get rid of tennis elbow. If you're not able to completely stop the activity that is causing tennis elbow, have your movements ergonomically assessed. A proper assessment can help you learn to move in a way that doesn't promote tennis elbow.
  2. Rest your arm. Tennis elbow is a repetitive motion injury caused by doing the same movements over and over again. Making sure that your arm gets plenty of rest from the movements that caused the injury is the most important step of how to get rid of tennis elbow.
  3. Get psychical therapy. When you meet with your doctor about your tennis elbow, he will work with you to determine a psychical therapy regimen that will help you get rid of tennis elbow. Most psychical therapy regimens for how to gets rid of tennis elbow consist of doing exercises designed to strengthen the injured muscles that cause tennis elbow. Your doctor may also want to discuss steroid injections along with deep heat therapy when discussing the different options for how to get rid of tennis elbow.
  4. Wear a brace. Wearing a brace will add extra support to the injured muscles and tendons. The extra support can help alleviate some of the pain and can be an effective treatment method to get rid of tennis elbow. 
  5. Think about surgery. A last resort for how to get rid of tennis elbow is surgery. Surgery for tennis elbow is usually an out-patient procedure. Your doctor will make small incisions on and around the damaged tendons  then shave away at the damaged portions to get rid of tennis elbow. You will have to wear a brace and stay away form the repetitive motion that caused the injury for at least a week. After the healing period your doctor may prescribe psychical therapy to strengthen the muscles and make sure that your work space or grip is ergonomically correct to prevent tennis elbow from coming back.
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