How To Get Rid Of Your Fear In Skateboarding

Progressing towards becoming a better skaters requires learning how to get rid of your fear in skateboarding. Learning to skateboard will come along with a few falls and tumbles, but as long as you roll with the punches and get back on the board, any skater will see their skill level increase in no time.

  1. Practice Safety. Most skateboarding fears stem from the fact that skateboarding can be a dangerous sport and the great risks of injury in skateboarding. However, skaters can protect themselves and prevent injury by practicing cautionary safety measures. Wearing safety equipment like helmets, wrist guards and knee and elbow pads can help get rid of fear in skateboarding.
  2. Only Skate in Controlled Environments. Another huge key point in getting rid of fear in skateboarding and preventing injury is to only skate in safe and controlled skateboarding environments. Skateboarding in skate parks with smooth paved areas can help reduce the fear involved with learning how to skate. Skating with more experienced skaters or even seeking lessons from a trained skateboarding professional may also help get rid of fear in skateboarding. Trained professionals can teach novice skaters the proper basics to prevent skateboarding falls and injuries, as well as helpful maneuvers to exercise in the event of falls in order to reduce the chances of injury.
  3. Do it Afraid. Many experienced skaters will attest to skating while afraid. Plenty of skaters experience injuries that would turn others away from skating indefinitely. However, the key to succeeding as a skater and learning how to get rid of your fear in skateboarding, even after experiencing harsh falls or injury, is to continue skating and face your fears head on.
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