How To Get Robert Downey Jr.’s Style

Think confidence when exploring how to get Robert Downey Jr.’s style. This movie star is known for a quirky fashion sense and outfits that not everyone could pull off. Robert Downey Jr.’s style works because of his attitude. Peruse a photo gallery of Downey’s looks over the years and it becomes clear that his cocky gaze and sophisticated, cavalier stance make even otherwise unbecoming clothing look good. 

  1. Think outside of convention. To mimic Robert Downey Jr.’s style, you will need to thwart convention. Try pairing a suit jacket with a t-shirt and jeans to mimic one of Downey’s signature looks. Try the star’s ‘bad boy’ persona on for size by sporting a leather jacket and a color tinted pair of Ray Ban sunglasses.
  2. Do not over-style your hair. Some of Robert Downey Jr.’s best looks are due in part to his tousled and ‘messy’ hair. Achieve this look by spreading a small amount (about a dime-sized dot) of hair gel onto wet hair. Lightly tousle hair and blow dry it with a blow-dryer that is equipped with a diffuser. The diffuser and the gel keep the hair from becoming frizzy upon drying.
  3. Take good care of your skin.  Robert Downey Jr. makes the five-o-clock shadow and the scruffy hair look good because he has impeccable skin. This makes him look rugged while still looking clean. Use a beaded, exfoliating facial cleanser once a day and do not forget to moisturize after cleansing. Use a commercial cleansing facial mask once a week to balance your complexion and keep skin looking younger.



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