How To Get A Room At A Sold Out Hotel

It can be hard to book a hotel room last minute so knowing how to get a room at a sold out hotel is a crucial skill. It's even worse to try to get a room at a sold out hotel. Don't hold out just yet, there is hope. Below are a few options and tips to help.

  1. If you are traveling for a meeting, or to attend a convention, the best first option would be to call the hotel directly and ask if your organization or group has blocked out rooms for your specific event. If it turns out that no rooms are blocked out, then ask about unconfirmed reservations. An unconfirmed reservation simply means that the hotel hasn't committed to an official room booking. This is what happens when a room is booked without an initial deposit from a potential customer. Many hotels allow a seven to ten day window for the deposit to be paid to honor the requests. If this isn't done, a hotel will open the room for availability. 
  2. Ask about cancellations. People make changes all the time, including canceling or changing their event schedules. Keep checking back with hotel and ask if they can contact you if something opens up. You can also ask if they could recommend a nearby hotel that may have vacancies.
  3. Call the local tourist bureau and ask for a few hotel recommendations in the area. Many bureau's provide lists to local hotels and inns.
  4. Go online to one of the hotel booking sites (Hotels, Expedia, Travelocity) or even the actual hotel web site to check room availability, distance, and price comparison.  

In ending, remember that service satisfaction is the standard for many hotels. They are not out to withhold information from you, and they are more than willing to  assist and help you with more information than you probably bargained for when trying to book a room.

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