How To Get A Salvage Motorcycle Title In Kansas

If you live in Kansas and have had a severely damaged motorcycle, you will need to know how to get a salvage motorcycle title in Kansas. If you have repaired the damage and feel that it is safe to drive on the roadways, you will need to obtain a rebuilt salvage title. The process to obtain a salvage motorcycle title is quite easy, but it is also time consuming.  

  1. Know the requirements for a salvage title. To get a salvage motorcycle title in Kansas, the motorcycle must meet the requirements as defined in the legislative statures 8-197. The basic premise is that the motorcycle must be damaged to the point where it is inoperable or would render a hazard to the publics safety if permitted on the roads. An insurance company may declare the motorcycle as a salvage vehicle.
  2. Complete form TR-13. You will need to complete a TR-13 Salvage, Non-Highway or Non-Repairable Affidavit.  The form is available online and at your county treasurer’s motor vehicle office.
  3. Gather the forms needed by the county. You will need the completed TR-13 and the motorcycle title. If there is a lien on the motorcycle, you will need the registration receipt if the title is being held electronically. 
  4. Go to your county treasurer’s office. Take the documents to the county treasurer’s motor vehicle office. They will process the paperwork and change the status of the motorcycle title in Kansas.
  5. Continue the process for rebuilt salvage titles. You can have the salvage title changed to a rebuilt salvage title if you have repaired the motorcycle to a drivable condition. While making the application for the salvage motorcycle title, obtain an inspection permit.
  6. Get the inspection. As soon as you have applied for a salvage title, you are no longer allowed to drive the motorcycle on the road with license plates. If you are requesting a rebuilt salvage title, you will be allowed to drive it to the inspection station with the one day inspection permit that you obtained from the county treasurer’s office. Take the salvage title and the motorcycle to the Kansas Highway Patrol for the inspection. They will give you an MVE-1 form if it passes the inspection.
  7. Go back to the county treasurer’s motor vehicle office. Bring the MVE-1 form, proof of insurance, and the salvage title with you. The county office will be able to make the status change on the motorcycle title in Kansas.
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