How To Get Sap Off Of Jeans

Want to learn about how to get sap off of jeans? Getting sap to come out of your jeans seems like a hassle, but it's not too bad. Sap is thick, sticky and very messy. Denim is a heavy fabric and absorbs well. The combination of the two is not a good match, but it happens.

 Supplies needed to remove sap out of jeans:

  • Straight edge
  • Hot water
  • Detergent or dish soap
  • Toothbrush
  1. First you have to remove the majority of the sap. Lay the sappy area of your jeans flat. Using a straight edge, like a razor blade or a knife, scrape off the excess sap. What you have left to deal with should only be the sap that has penetrated the denim jeans. Be careful when using the straight edge not to cut yourself. Have a steady hand or pick the excess sap from your jeans with your fingers instead.
  2. Soak your jeans in hot water to liquify the sap. Hot water will turn the sap into more of a liquid-like syrup versus gum. After about a half an hour, the sap will loosen from the denim and you will be able to start cleaning it out of the fabric your jeans are made of.
  3. Pour laundry detergent or dish soap directly on the sappy spot. A strong laundry detergent like Tide or a dish soap like Dawn will work the best for example. Gentle cleansers won't cut it for this job. Sap is tough and you need a tough product to eliminate it and the possibility of a stain.
  4. Time to use the toothbrush. Using a clean toothbrush, work the detergent into the denim by scrubbing the sappy area. This will let the detergent do its job to remove the sap from your jeans. The more the detergent gets down into the denim, the quicker you will be sap free. A toothbrush has soft enough bristles not to discolor your jeans.
  5. Rinse your jeans. Still using hot water so the sap stays soft, rinse your jeans. Keep scrubbing the sap under the water with the toothbrush. The continual scrubbing will guarantee a thorough rinse from deep within the denim grooves.
  6. Repeat steps two through five if needed. For jeans that have sap deeply embedded in the fabric, you may have to repeat the process a few times. If your are still unsuccessful at removing the sap from your jeans please take your pants to a professional cleaner. It may cost a few dollars or so, but it may be worth it.
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