How To Get Satellite With No Credit Check

If you have ever wondered how to get satellite with no credit check, now you can with prepaid satellite service. All you need to do is apply online with the satellite provider of your choice; you can apply for satellite service with no credit check. In addition, there are no contracts to fill out when you get satellite with no credit check.

  1. Fill out the necessary forms online. These forms will not include a credit check to apply for satellite service. You don't even need to provide your Social Security number.
  2. Decide which satellite package you want. There are many packages to choose from. Some packages don't include local channels, so if you're looking for an all-around package deal with no credit check, make sure you do your research. Switching plans later may be complicated or expensive.
  3. Order your satellite equipment. Choose which system you will need. You can potentially receive the complete system by mail or have it specially delivered, depending on the company, when you order.
  4. Purchase a prepaid credit card to get a satellite with no credit check. Purchase a prepaid credit card with enough of a balance on it to pay for your service. These cards can be purchased at numerous retailers. You will need such a card to pay for your satellite equipment.
  5. Wait for an email or other confirmation. Once you receive email notification that you are approved, your equipment will be shipped. Since there is no credit check, you should receive a reply quickly.
  6. Install your equipment. The equipment is easy to install. The self-installation kit that you'll receive will show you how to install your satellite.
  7. Activate your satellite service. You will need to contact your provider so they can program your satellite service for you and you can make your first monthly payment.
  8. Cancel at any time. If you choose to disconnect your service, just contact the company and they will disconnect your service. You don't have to worry about disconnection fees if you disconnect voluntarily, because there is no credit check.
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