How To Get The Scarab Gun In Halo 2

Figuring out how to get the Scarab Gun in Halo 2 is a real pain in the ass. Getting the Scarab Gun requires killing a boat load of enemies. After killing said enemies, you have to lure a specific enemy into a specific place and take his vehicle at a very specific time in order to even get to the Scarab Gun. But, you know getting that elusive Scarab Gun is way more than worth it, or you wouldn't be here. Imagine a hand held weapon that can destroy anything in its path, with unlimited energy. That is the Scarab Gun. And here's how to get it.

  1. Where to find it.  The Scarab Gun is located atop a very, very, very high bridge on the level "Metropolis". The only way to get to the gun is to kill everyone in your path. This includes your allies. Kill everybody. No exceptions.
  2. The tunnel. Work your way to the tunnel area. You'll notice that you've reached the right tunnel because two banshees and two wraiths will come speeding out of the corridor. Quickly destroy both wraiths and one of the banshees. MAKE SURE TO LEAVE ONE BANSHEE ALIVE. If you kill both banshees you'll have to reload the stage.
  3. Lure. You have to use yourself as bait. Get the banshee to follow you all the way through the tunnel. Here's the kicker. You have to get the banshee through the tunnel while protecting it from your allies and keeping yourself alive. So, as stated earlier, just kill everything… But the banshee of course. Use the tank to get rid of everybody, if it' accessible.
  4. Glitches. The banshee has a tendency to get stuck. If it does, you can use  your melee attack to push it out. Be careful not to get shot.
  5. The hard part. Now, there's a section coming up, a door way, with red lights. Get the banshee through the door. Now, you have to keep it from ascending upward through a tunnel. After  stopping the banshee from flying upward, you have to shoot the wings off. Don't give it too much damage at once or it'll explode. Carefully shoot the wings off, giving the banshee time to regenerate its health. Be careful because you'll be reaching an area that'll save your game. And at this point, timing is critical. If you succeed, however, the Scarab Gun will be within your reach.
  6. The load time. When you reach the save point, the game will begin to load. You have to quickly get inside the banshee! Now! If you don't it'll disappear at the checkpoint. If you do manage to get into the banshee you'll have it after the checkpoint loads.
  7. The Scarab Gun. Getting the Scarab Gun, at this point, is just a matter of flying your damaged banshee all the way to the top o f the highest bridge on the level. The Scarab Gun looks like a normal plasma rifle. Be careful When you fire that thing it causes an incredible amount of damage. You'll kill yourself for sure if you're not careful.



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