How To Get Schematics For Televisions

Learning how to get schematics for televisions can be tricky, especially if the television in question is an older model. Televisions are not packaged with schematics, and obtaining them online can be a hassle, with sites often leading surfers into a maze of cryptic directories. There is an easier method to obtain schematics for any model of television, though as you will soon see, it may require some legwork.

  1. Determine what model of television you have. Most of the time the model number is written on the back of the television, though sometimes it appears on the front. Most television manufacturers use both numbers and letters in their model numbers, so write down any characters that appear. If you can't find the model number, look for a serial number, as this will also properly identify the television.
  2. Call the manufacturer. The easiest way to obtain schematics is to go straight to the source. If your television is made by Sony, then call Sony's customer service number. Give the operator the model number and/or serial number and they will mail you the corresponding schematics.  here may be a processing or shipping fee involved, so don't be surprised if they ask for a payment method.
  3. Visit the manufacturer's Website. If the customer service number is busy or is taking too long, or if the manufacturer of your television is out of business, then go the the manufacturers Website and do a search. Some companies still maintain a serviceable Website for their customers to use even after going out of business. Type your model number or serial number into the search field and see what results come back.
  4. Purchase schematics. There are several online retailers that sell schematics for older tube televisions. is one such site, and for a small price they will search out, package and then mail you the correct schematic. All you need is your television's model number. However, they do not carry schematics for the newer televisions; for those you can go to any brick and mortar retailer (preferably the one where you bought the television) and ask them to order the correct schematics for you.
  5. If all else fails, use a search engine. Though this is not recommended, if all else fails you will want to type your model number into a search engine and sift through the results. If your television is a newer model then the chances are good that the schematics will exist online. However, if you're looking to fix an older model television you may run into some trouble, especially if the manufacturer no longer exists and retailers can't obtain a copy. 

It may be hard at times, but hopefully this guide has given you enough tips to get you through it. Chances are good that someone, somewhere has the right schematic for your television; all you have to do is find them.

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