How To Get Sex On The Second Date

So you managed to snag a chick to take out on Friday night, but you want to just cut to the chase…how to get sex on the second date, you ask? Well, it’ll be different depending on the woman; some women will happily put out on the first date, while others are prudes who probably have bear traps in their vaginas just for good measure. What you should to is get an idea of what kind of girl you’re with and, from there, you can determine if you can get into her pants by date number two.

  1. Relax. Don’t be too tense, as your date will notice that something is just off about you. Take it easy; if sex on the second date is to be had, often times the mood will all of a sudden be right.
  2. Think ahead. Keep a condom with you when on a date, just in case things do heat up. It will in no way be fun if you get caught up in the heat of the moment and have sex, and then a couple months later, you learn your date is knocked up. Ask just about any guy who became a father in this manner – it’s not worth it.
  3. Aphrodisiacs. How about nudging your date’s libido in the right direction? There are several foods that are considered sexual stimulants, such as oysters, chocolate, and coffee. Buying your date a coffee will not result in her humping your leg, but it might rev the hormonal engine a little.
  4. Relax, part deux. Do not appear as being sorely desperate for sex on the second date (or any date), even if you are. While a woman might take pity on your pathetic soul and toss you a mercy hump, don’t depend on your puppy-dog eyes pulling her heart strings because no woman wants to sleep with a quivering little horn dog. Be somewhat reserved, but also confident, as this combination creates a good, attractive balance to your date.
  5. Just the two of us. If you want to bang the girl, you’ll have to be alone with her. Take her somewhere secluded, be it your house, your apartment, a hotel, your mother’s basement, the dumpster behind Taco Bell, or someplace out in the woods…anywhere you won’t have an audience.
  6. Go slow. Sometimes it can take a few hours to get a woman in the mood since she will most likely not be instantly horny. Talk to her, and see to it she is at ease around you. Also, don’t make it seem like you’re taking her somewhere for sex. Say you want to show her something, or ask her if she wants to go back to your place to watch a movie…something that doesn’t give an immediate impression of your overwhelming desire to get laid.
  7. Down the hatch. Sometimes, indulging in a drink or two can help loosen up the mood. If your date drinks, just try going out to a bar like a normal couple and do a little socializing over your favorite alcoholic beverages; this will not only relax the both of you physically, but also mentally. In turn, she may be more receptive to sexual advances. Do not, however, get your date fall-down drunk.
  8. Know when to stop. As said, some women will gladly have sex with you even on the first date, but others are a bit more willful. It’s okay to ask, but keep it at that only: asking. Don’t get forceful to try and persuade her because it will definitely backfire.

Remember – the woman you’re dating at any given time is not the only woman on the face of the earth. So, if things don’t go quite as planned, call it a good try anyway and look elsewhere.

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