How To Get A Sexting Conversation Started

The thought of how to get a sexting conversation started may be intimidating but with the correct words, phrases and moods, the simplest text conversation can turn sexual.

  1. Use an oldie but a goodie. Start off by asking "what are you wearing?" This four-word phrase will get the conversation on the right track. First the feeling will be picked up if the recipient is in the proverbial mood for sex talk. Second, it's the lead question into how graphic the sexting conversation will get.
  2. Use simple phrases to connect. Say "oh, baby, you make me so happy" or "oh, honey, the things I'd like to say to you." Once either of these statements are made,the recipient's curiosity and ego will be stoked for more talk. These are easy questions with endless possibilities of a sexting conversation.
  3. Taking the lead. After the initial questions are put out there, wait for the recipient's response. This is a determining factor. If his or her response comes back sexually toned, it's a go for continuing the sexting conversation.
  4. Start slow. Don't rush the sexting conversation once interest is shared and acknowledged.
  5. Test the sexting waters. Interest is shown but don't pounce on the recipient. This can easily scare them away if a domineering presence takes over or strong language offends. Choose words carefully. Once a mutual texting language is determined, continuing the sexting conversation should be easy. As the conversations become more frequent testing new words and phrases can be explored.
  6. Describe the intentions. Once the sexting conversation has commenced, slip into dirty talk mode. Tell her how things will be when you meet up. Describe how her body will be ravished and desired. Tell him how he'll feel when certain parts of his body will be touched by fingers, lips, etc.
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