How To Get A Sexy Girl In Bed

If you've been having a dry spell lately, then you'll want to learn how to get a sexy girl in bed. Knowing how to get a sexy girl in bed may seem like a long lost art, but is really a lot easier than you think. It doesn't involve having a wallet full of money or even a body like The Situation. In reality, if you want to get a sexy girl in bed, all you need to do is be your charming, funny,and charismatic self while treating her like a lady. Don't stress out, always keep your head in the game and you'll find that it's criminally easy to be able to get a sexy girl in bed.

  1. Present yourself well. This involves showering, cleaning up and wearing some nicer clothing. Sorry, but if you stink like nobody's business, have a scruffy neck beard and you're wearing an "I Heart Dwarves" shirt, chances are you're not going to be able to get a sexy girl in bed. It sucks, but sometimes you have to conform to some societal pressures. In this respect, be sure to smell nice and clean up your face—shave and, if necessary, invest in some good facial wash to clean up your skin. As for your clothes, you don't need to be wearing Gucci or Prada, but if you can find a nice clean collared shirt, some dark wash jeans and a pair of dark shoes, you should be good.
  2. Be proactive. Don't think that sulking in the corner of the dance club is going to get you laid, even with some deplorable pity sex. It's time for you to nut up and approach the sexy girl you want to take to bed. It conveys confidence in a sense that you take the first step towards getting what you want. It's not as complicated as you think. Walk up to her, smile, offer to buy her a drink and start talking—it's really that simple.
  3. Be confident, but not cocky. You might be sitting at the bar wondering, "Why do all the jerks get the hot girls?" It's not that girls are attracted to schmucks, per say, but they are attracted to confidence. By having a can-do attitude and not worrying over everything that she'll say, you're putting yourself in a great positions to bring a sexy lady back home for the evening. Show her that you can do things on your own right and you don't need someone else's validation to make you feel good about yourself. It's about the sexiest thing you can do.
  4. Don't worry about rejection. You're not going to be able to get a sexy girl to bed on your first try. Maybe not even your third or fifth try, but it will happen. As long as you keep your head up and keep on trying, the law of averages will unfold in your favor and one of these sexy girls out will find you positively charming. If you get too caught up on whether or not you take her home, you'll start fumbling your speech and acting like someone who doesn't know what he's doing. Hot girls can smell fear, so be sure to mask that stench with the airy musk of confidence and not caring if you actually score that night.

Many people feel that it's nigh impossible to get a sexy girl in bed. We can tell you that even if you have a hairy back, a terrible job and an bad car, you too can get a sexy girl in bed by following these tips and guidelines. Don't feel that you need to perform any special techniques or wear spectacular brand name clothing in order to be able to get a sexy girl in bed. As long as you portray yourself in your best light, the ladies will be clawing to get a piece of you.

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