How To Get Sexy Women In Bed

If you really want to live the single life to its fullest, you need to know how to get sexy women in bed. Knowing the art of how to get sexy women in bed is actually a lot easier than most are willing to give credit—as long as you have the right attitude, and are open to improvisation, then nothing can go wrong! Learn how to get sexy women in bed today!

  1. Clean up. You wouldn't want to go near a chick with legs like the Black Forest and a moustache that rivals Tom Sellick's, so why should she want to go home with your unwashed, greasy self? Be sure to keep yourself well groomed at all times, including trimming your beard and, if it needs to be done, trimming your, ahem, boys. Honestly, practicing good hygiene and keeping yourself presentable is one of the easiest ways to get sexy women in bed—all it takes is a few minutes every morning to get into the right habit.
  2. Be confident, but not cocky. Why do girls always like jerks? It's not some masochistic characteristic—they're just attracted to confidence. Tragically, most girls are prone to looking at cockiness and thinking it to be confidence, because every other guy in the bar is putting her on a pedestal. Find a way to be the happy medium between the two—have faith in yourself and your abilities, but don't deify the poor lady.
  3. Tease her, but not too much. This step on how to get sexy women in bed goes hand in hand with the previous suggestion. If you want her hanging off every word you say, you need to show her that you're not afraid to poke fun at her. Do so lightly, and not enough to make her feel seriously offended. If it all works out correctly, she'll spend the rest of the evening trying to prove everything you say to be wrong which, trust us, will work out very well for you in the end.
  4. Have fun, even if without her. No girl wants to go home with the guy who's clinging on her the entire night. Pay attention to her, but don't go studying her every move. Show her that you have a life outside of her by enjoying your friends' company and allowing her to do the same. If you want to know how to get sexy women in bed, remember this—everyone wants the one thing they cannot have. Be that thing for her.

One of the best parts of being a guy nowadays is knowing how to get sexy women in bed. There are plenty of hot single ladies out there, and the possibilities within your city are literally endless. By knowing how to pick from the hotties around you and knowing how to get sexy women in bed, you're ensuring that there is no such thing as time wasted at the bar or club. 

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