How To Get In Shape For Hiking Yellowstone

If you are looking to do some hiking in America's oldest national park, you should first learn how to get in shape for hiking Yellowstone. Yellowstone National Park has been drawing hikers since it was opened in 1872. A hiking trip to this grand old park will give you the chance to see glaciers and wildlife not commonly seen in other parts of the country. Yellowstone can be a very treacherous place to hike, so if you are planning a trip to Yellowstone follow these tips on how to get in shape for hiking Yellowstone.

  1. Start off with walking. The best place to start when trying to get in shape for hiking Yellowstone is simply walking around your neighborhood. Try to take a long walk about four to five times a week. If you have a lot of hills in your neighborhood, try to walk both up and down the hills.
  2. Find some steps. Try to incorporate jogging or walking up and down steps. Steps can often be found at local high school stadiums or even little league baseball fields. Doing this will help to build the leg muscles that you will need to get in shape for hiking Yellowstone.
  3. Fill your pack. Most day hikes through Yellowstone will require you to bring water and snacks with you. You will also most likely need a few emergency items and possibly a warmer jacket, too. Once you are able to comfortably walk through your neighborhood, do the same while carrying a packed backpack. Pack your backpack with the exact items you plan to have with you on your hike. Walking seven miles and hiking seven miles while carrying a fifteen-pound backpack are very different. Carrying the pack will strengthen your back muscles and help you get in shape for hiking Yellowstone.
  4. Exercise your legs and back. If you happen to have a gym membership or gym equipment at your home, take advantage by doing strength exercises. The best exercises you can do will be the ones that target your back and legs. Your legs and back will take the most punishment during a hike in Yellowstone.

Hiking Yellowstone may be one of the most rewarding achievement of your life. There are over 1,000 miles of trails in Yellowstone National Park. Find the one that is the perfect distance and skill level for you. Make sure you can comfortably walk the same amount of miles in your neighborhood while carrying your pack before you venture out onto a trail. Some trails in Yellowstone are not easily accessible for rescue crews, and making sure you are in shape for hiking Yellowstone will decrease your chances of needing help while hiking.


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