How To Get A Skate Park In Your Town

If you love skateboarding but don’t have an official place to do the actual skating, you may have wondered at least once how to get a skate park in your town. Having to eventually get it approved by the city can be a little intimidating, but being prepared and professional about it may be the difference between your city having a skate park and not having one.

  1. Before doing anything major, consider the interest in a skate park throughout the city. Are there lots of people that are interested in skateboarding who would like to see a skate park go up? Are skaters constantly being reprimanded by the police for skating in impermissible areas? You have to really consider how large the issue actually is. Remember that if the city government isn’t convinced or doesn’t see it as a big deal, they will easily dismiss it.
  2. Develop a campaign. You’ll want to organize a movement to actually get a skate park in your town. Record all of the goals involved and develop promotional ideas. You are going to need lots of affirmative opinions on the matter, so you want to think of any way possible to get the word out about your plan.
  3. Begin advertising. You can begin advertising by posting flyers, promoting by word-of-mouth, public speaking, etc. You’ll want to advertise your plan, the fund raiser that you will eventually organize, and the fact that citizens can sign a petition to get a skate park in your town.
  4. Create a petition. This is going to be one of your main pieces of evidence to deliver to the city government. It will practically be the city’s voice and opinion. Try to get as many people to sign it as possible even if there are some that have no opinion on the issue whatsoever.
  5. Organize a fund-raising event and invite the media to it. The money that you raise at this event will be another piece of proof that the city is serious about making the skate park a reality. At the fund-raising event, encourage more people to sign the petition as well. Additionally, don’t forget to invite the media.
  6. Lastly, approach the city government with your campaign. Approaching the city government can be a little daunting, but it will be worth it in the long run. Nevertheless, you should be prepared and ready to present the issue at hand with evidence. Dress appropriately and deliver nothing but respect when speaking with the council. Also, make sure that you invite lots of supporters so that it really boosts the momentum of your campaign. Confidently present your petition and fundraising amounts, and explain in a non-begging manner why the city needs a skate park.
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