How To Get A Skateboard Sponsor

Need to know how to get a skateboard sponsor? Being sponsored by a big skateboarding company means you get to use free equipment, get lots of money, and more. Getting sponsored by a skateboarding company isn't so hard. However, you'll need to make sure that you're ready. Here are a few guidelines for you to follow to get a skateboard sponsor.

  1. Skateboard whenever you can. Whenever you have free time, go skateboarding. Skateboard to school if you're in school. Go to new skate parks and try them out. If you can, travel to other cities or towns and skate their rails, benches, etc. As long as you keep skateboarding, your skills will improve, which means you'll get notice by companies even faster.
  2. Make a skateboarding video. Get someone to record you while skateboarding. When the person is recording you, show off your best tricks and moves. Take as much footage as you can so that way you can choose what footage of what tricks to use. Now, edit your video. Put your best looking clips together. However, make sure that your video is short. Companies get loads of videos all the time and most of them are very long.
  3. If you don't get attention after a while, contact a company. Since you want to get sponsored by a skateboard company, you may already have a few companies in mind. Go to the skateboarding company's website and look for the sponsoring information. Talk to somebody from the company and try showing them your video. If they think you're good, then they'll talk to you about being sponsored.
  4. Stay cool. Nobody wants to sponsor an arrogant and spoiled brat. Be cool and be yourself. Just because you're being sponsored doesn't mean that you can act all arrogant. Doing so will ruin your chance. Companies look for people that have great skills and a good character.
  5. Most importantly, have fun! If your only purpose to skating is to get a sponsor, then it's not going to work for you. Keep in mind that you may not get famous later on. So, go out there and skate for fun like you should!
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