How To Get A Skater Dude Body

If you want to be a skater, learn how to get a skater dude body. In case you haven't noticed, skater dudes tend to be very skinny. Some skaters, like Andrew Reynolds, are also muscular. Here are some tips for learning how to get a skater dude body:

In order to get a skater dude body, you will need:

  • Ten minutes
  1. Buy some skater dude clothing. This old trick is mostly used by girls, but it is applicable to skater dudes, too. Buy only clothes you want to fit into. For example, if you wear a size 36 shorts right now, buy a size 32 to motivate yourself to fit into them. Buy a brand like Volcom, Burton or Emerica.
  2. Spend more time skating. When you are skating, you (theoretically) forget to eat. This is why many skater dudes are so skinny. They spend all of their time skating and not eating. By the way, this means skating at a skate park, not just cruising down the street on a longboard.
  3. Stop smoking pot. Pot smoking has historically been associated with the "skater dude" lifestyle, but if you want to get a skater dude body, pot is just going to give you the munchies and make you too lazy to skate.
  4. Try snowboarding. Many skater dudes also snowboard. Snowboarding burns way more calories than skating and it also builds muscle. If you already know how to skate, snowboarding should not be too difficult for you.
  5. Challenge yourself. Tony Hawk, legendary skater dude, says that every time he gets on his skateboard he tries to "learn something new." This doesn't have to be a huge accomplishment, but if you continue to challenge yourself, you will also challenge your muscles, which will contribute to your skater dude body.
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