How To Get A Skater Girl

This article will teach you how to get a skater girl. The fact that you already know she’s a skater girl gives you a slight advantage. You see, to label someone a skater girl says a lot about them. You already know one of her passions. She loves to skate. Now, if you’re a skater boy, it’ll be even easier to get in good with the skater girl in question. Remember gentlemen, knowledge is power. The more you know about this little skater girl, the better chance you have to woo the young lass, provided you go about fishing for her affections in the right manner. Well gents, here’s how you should go about pursuing the skater girl of your dreams.

  1. Does she know you? A lot of times guys shoot themselves in the foot just by being too damn cautious. If you’re one of those dudes that admires girls from a distance then you need to stop it now. Voyeurism is only cool in porn. You’re not going to get this skater girl through telepathy. If you’re not on her radar, then get there. You don’t have to be too flashy or show off. Just introduce yourself to her.
  2. Do you skate too? If you’re a skater boy, then you shouldn’t have a problem smashing through the preliminary ice. You guys already have something major in common. Now it’s just a matter of hanging out with her and getting to know the girl.
  3. Even if you don’t skate, talk to her anyway. All women, no matter what category guys throw them in, are still women. This means they’re still human. Are you getting where this is going? Sure the girl loves skating, but that’s not the only thing ruling her life. She has fears and insecurities. She has other passions that may not be tied into the Tony Hawk culture. Don’t let what you don’t have in common with her keep you from talking to the girl. Think of it as an exploration to see what you guys do have in common. But first things first. You have to get to that conversational level. As it was stated earlier, the easiest way is just to say “hi” and go from there.
  4. The next step. Once you’ve established some sort of conversational connection with her, it’s just a matter of swaying her thoughts towards you in a fashion other than plutonic. This is very important. If you become a plutonic friend to a girl, you may as well kiss the intimacy goodbye. You’ll be nothing more than a chick with extra plumbing in her eyes. And, you wont be using that plumbing with her. It’s not as difficult as it may seem. When you’re with her, gather as much info about her as you can, especially her insecurities and passions. Hell, even if you’re not a skater, show interest in it. It’s up to you to make her feel better about her insecurities. It’s also up to you to push her towards her passions, to a point. If you overdo it, you’ll be a friend, a buddy, a plutonic nobody.
  5. Monitor yourself. It’s cool to make her feel good about herself. And if you’re refraining from giving her a bunch of superficial compliments, then kudos to you! It’s much more important, however, to admire her for things other than looks. This is why you need to pay attention to her insecurities and passions. Just like any human these two elements rule her. Now, don’t saturate her with this feel good aura. Give it to her in doses and take it away. Make her want it. Keeping yourself slightly distant is a great way to make her fall for you. She needs to love it when you’re around and to miss you when you’re not there. So, let her miss you.
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