How To Get Skater Hair

If you are wondering how to get skater hair, then you will be happy to hear that it is not hard to do.  Skater hair is usually associated with a long shaggy hair cut, and the bangs hang down around the wearer's face. This is not to say that all skaters have this type of hairstyle. Some skaters have short trendy dos and do not try at all for the skater hair look.

To Get Skater Hair:

  • hair with long bangs near chin
  • Highlight kit
  • Skull cap or colored hair gel, if wanted
  1. Get a haircut. Go to the salon and get a haircut. The bangs should be angled around your chin. Ask the beautician to cut all of the ends unevenly for the skater hair look.
  2. Add some highlights. Skaters spend a lot of time outside so it is no wonder that their gorgeous locks have highlights. If you are not able to get natural highlights from the sun pick up a highlights kit. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to achieve natural looking highlights.
  3. Wash your hair. When you want to style your hair wash and condition it first. Long locks need to be conditioned to keep the ends healthy.
  4. Blow dry the hair. Blow dry the hair from the back to the front. Be sure the bangs fall loosely over the eyes.
  5. Add some accessories. A black skull hat pulled down over the hair will give you the Skater Hair look also. If you are looking for more of a punk skater hair style add some colored streaks to your hair using colored gel.

Skater hair is all about looking like you did very little to the hair. It should look as if you just rolled out of bed, grabbed your skateboard, and ran out of the house. Do not try too hard to get skater hair or you will look like a poser. Keep the hair natural looking and do not add products such as hair spray to make it look stiff.

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