How To Get Skater Legs

Skating enthusiasts, aspiring skaters or even skating observer may wonder how to get skater legs. Skating hours on end helps skaters build incredible legs. However, the skaters with the best legs know skating alone will not earn muscular legs built for mastering impressive skateboard tricks and landing them safely.

  1. Practice Skating Frequently. Skaters do not get awesome legs from just standing around doing nothing. In order to get skater legs hop on a skateboard as much as possible. Skating casually all the way to performing advanced skating tricks requires the legs to work overtime. If a skateboard is not handy or does not peak your interest, however you still want skater legs, there are additional methods many skaters use aside from skating to build strong legs
  2. Perform Lower Body Exercises. Any skater knows lower body resistance training  helps skaters perform tricks more efficiently in addition to earning great skater legs. Also, lower body resistance training helps skaters build their legs faster, which helps for jumping higher when performing even the simplest of skater tricks. Exercises like squats, calf raises and lunges can help build skater legs. Simple exercises like walking can help tone leg muscles, instead of bulking them, to help build skater legs.
  3. Utilize Jump Training. Jump training, also known as plyometrics is another great method skaters use to build incredible skater legs. Jump training engages fast-twitch leg fibers, which allows leg muscles to grow in size. So, if skating is out of reach and lower body resistance training is too much, start out with exercises like jump roping to bench hops to help build skater legs quickly.
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