How to Get Smell Out Of A Sweatshirt

For a week now you've been wondering how to get smell out of a sweatshirt. Have no clue what that smell is? It is YOU my friend. Time to take that funky, pit-stained, crusty sweatshirt off and do something about that odor pronto.

  1. Choose your cleaning agents. Pick a stain remover stick or spray for any stains such as yellow armpit stains. Get the highest quality detergent you can within your budget. Whether you choose powder or liquid really doesn't matter as long as it cleans thoroughly and smells great. If you pick a poor detergent, expect poor results. Next up grab a good old box of baking soda. Baking soda is great for killing odors all around the home and in laundry. It's super cheap too and will help get the smell out of a sweatshirt and anything else for that matter.
  2. Find some other dirty clothes around your house. Washing one sweatshirt is a waste of money, water, energy, and just simply looks weird. Hunt for all of your dirty laundry of a similar type (i.e. colors, whites). Gather them all together with your smelly sweatshirt.
  3. Get the stains out. Remember that stain remover you purchased? Spray or roll it onto any stains you see on the shirt. The barbecue spot on the sweatshirt from last weekend's cookout and the ink stain from when you were playing "pen fight" with your best friend should all come out fairly easily.
  4. Time to wash. The only way to get the smell out of a sweatshirt is to wash it. No amount of cologne will cover the odor that's a cross between street bum and a cheeseburger. Turn the washer on the cycle best for cotton sweatshirts. Add the amount  detergent suggested on the container to the washer and let it bubble up a bit. Measure about a cup of baking soda and add to the water and detergent mix. The baking soda is your secret weapon that will kill the odor in the sweatshirt. Toss in those dirty clothes and close the lid. Let the washer work it's magic and then dry everything in the dryer. The once smelly sweatshirt will come out fresh smelling and wearable again.
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