How To Get Sponsered By Venture Skateboard Trucks

When you are an up and coming skateboarder, you should find out how to get sponsored by Venture Skateboard Trucks if you use their products. Getting sponsored is not easy, so you will have to market yourself well. The best way to be sponsored by Venture Skateboard Trucks may be to contact one of their representatives and try to arrange for an audition. You could send them a video of your skateboarding skills if you cannot get your foot in the door. If you show up at competitions that are being promoted by Venture, that is where you can show them what you are made of.

  1. Keep perfecting your skateboarding tricks. To get sponsored by Venture Skateboard Trucks, you have to be a top notch performer. If you can string together a series of tricks that will get a crowd on their feet, your chances of getting sponsored will increase. Practice your moves until you are ready to unveil them in competition.
  2. Register for a competition that includes Venture on the sponsor list. Venture representives will be on hand at the competition. There is no better place to try and get sponsored by Venture Skateboard Trucks since they will already be watching you perform.
  3. Approach the Venture representatives after the competition. Introduce yourself and show them the Venture trucks on your skateboard. If you did well at the competition, tell them you have always wanted to be sponsored by Venture Skateboard Trucks. If they do not seem to be interested at the present time, they may still give you some insight into what they are looking for when they sponsor a skateboarder.
  4. If you remain unsigned by Venture, continue to practice. Just because you have not received an offer to be sponsored by Venture does not mean you should give up. They may not be looking to add another skateboarder to their roster or they may want to see you continue to make progress at different competitions. Stick with it and let them see what you have to offer their company. Eventually the timing may be right and you might land a deal.
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