How To Get Sponsored By Active

Learning how to get sponsored by Active takes a lot of time and effort. Active is a major skateboarding, inline skating, and BMX sponsor that will only consider you if you are the best, so first in your learning how to get sponsorship is your getting to the very top. If you work hard and constantly, this should not be too hard, however. Following is some advice on how to get sponsored by Active.

  1. First, you must pick something that you are good at or that you think you could excel at. Begin practicing your skating, skateboarding, or biking, and keep up with it on a very frequent basis.
  2. You will need to master the sport. Keep practicing, and learn all of the ins and outs. Then, begin to enter competitions. Sign up for local ones at skate parks, rinks, or tracks. You absolutely must win to proceed in the sport, which you must do to find Active sponsorship. Once you begin to steadily win locally, work your way up.
  3. Begin to enter large scale competitions with others who have excelled at your event. This may take you on the road, but national success is a requirement for your being sponsored by Active. Win at major events, and keep practicing all of the while. You cannot get noticed or successfully advertise yourself to sponsors of your sport if you are not better than everyone else.
  4. If you have trouble working your way to the top, it can mean that you are not doing enough. If you practice for several hours per day, and perfect all of your flaws, you should find success. Begin winning nationally, and then you will get noticed. If no one from Active approaches you, approach representatives from the sponsor yourself. If you are good enough at what you do, there is no reason for the sporting company to turn you down, and you will get sponsored.

Learning how to get sponsored by Active relies on your ability to prove yourself at skateboarding, inline skating, or BMX, so you have to show that you are among the best. Practice and begin to show yourself to the world by competing and winning in events, and then you can seek sponsorship if it does not find you.

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