How To Get Sponsored By Adidas

You thought trying to get sponsored by Nike was hard well learning how to get sponsored by Adidas is even harder. Adidas is known to sponsor such athletes like David Beckham and Lionel Messi if this says anything. One of the reasons that Adidas sponsorship is so hard to get is because they pick the best of the best. Here are a couple steps that will help you try, and get sponsored by Adidas.

To get sponsored by Adidas, you will need:

  • unbelievable skills
  • potential
  • a proposal
  1. Enroll in a club team. If you are just playing for soccer, tennis, or basketball on the weekends for fun, then you probably wont be getting sponsored anytime soon. Joining a club team will be great for exposure. With club teams you get to travel to competition after competition meeting new people that could potentially open that door for you. 
  2. Join your school's team. School is another way of gaining exposure. If you are good and winning games for your school then this will get colleges to look at you. The more people that know who you are the more chances Adidas will become aware of you, and consider sponsoring you.
  3. Send in a Proposal. Proposals are letters that explain why you should be sponsored. You can send in your proposal to Adidas at this address America 5055 N Greeley Ave. Portland, OR 97217. They say that they get more requests than they can fulfill. Chances of get sponsored by Adidas in the next week are highly slim.

If you keep trying who knows maybe you will get sponsored by Adidas in the near future.

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