How To Get Sponsored By Apple

With the growing interest of their products, knowing how to get sponsored by Apple might be beneficial to you. Actually, it would probably work out for both your endeavor and the rapidly expanding computer developers. Lots of people, events, and products have already been sponsored by Apple. You can be sponsored by Apple too, albeit with some elbow grease and forethought.

Here' what you will need to get sponsored by Apple:

  • An idea to be sponsored (be it a product, event, or person)
  • Experience with Apple platforms
  • Good sales-pitching skills
  1. Know Apple's audience. Apple Inc., commonly known as the makers of the iPad, iPhone, Mac, and iPod, target their products to a wide-variety of people. First off, technologically-conscious business people who see the efficiency of Macs tend to purchase Apple products. Young people are also big fans of the iPod and iPhone technologies. Environmentalists, with their "go green" support, notice the corporation's efforts to clean up its carbon footprint. Does your audience match any of these groups of people?
  2. Have an endeavor that favors Apple's interest. Obviously, the multi-billion dollar corporation won't be interested in an idea that has no marketability towards their primary audience. If you are running track, it might be hard to pitch your sponsorship to a consumer electronics manufacturer. Technology showcases, however, might be much easier to get sponsored by Apple.
  3. Send them a communication. An idea is useless without action. Generally, a sponsorship request is sent via letters or phone calls; other forms of telecommunication might be appropriate (considering Apple's technological environment). Oftentimes, more conservative companies tend to frown upon it. Getting sponsored by Apple, however, is a little different due to their creative methods of doing business.
  4. Thank them after the event is through. Whether you were running a marathon or opening up a store front, thank Apple for their contributions to your work. Be sure to hand out pamphlets on their product, and encourage people to ask about Macs, iPhones, and the new iPad. If you were lucky enough to be sponsored by Apple, it is only prudent to thank them (prefarably the way you asked for their aid).

 The environmentally-conscious techno-giant is a great company to work with, if you are lucky enough to get sponsored by Apple. Now, while being sponsored by Apple might seem daunting, they do consider new opportunities to market their products. If you want to be sponsored by Apple, send them an e-mail, phone call, or letter; who knows? You just might be the next one selected for a financial investment.

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