How To Get Sponsored By Blind Skateboard Company

If you are a competitive skateboarder, you should find out how to get sponsored by Blind skateboard company if you like and use their products. In the world of competitive skateboarding, finding even one sponsor can be difficult. The best way to be sponsored by Blind may be to send them a video of you performing at a skateboarding competition. Have a friend record you doing some insane tricks and make sure you are using Blind skateboarding gear. Wearing a Blind company shirt during the video is also a good idea.

Things you'll need:

  • Skateboarding competition (preferrably sponsored by Blind)
  1. Sign up for a competition that includes Blind on the company sponsor list. This will be a great way to try and get sponsored by Blind since representatives from Blind will be on hand. Break out your Blind apparel and gear and try to perform well during the competition.
  2. Go right up to a Blind skateboard representative after the competition is over. Tell the rep who you are and ask him if he has a few minutes to talk. Be professional as you speak with the rep. Explain that you use Blind products and ask the representative what you need to do to get sponsored by Blind.
  3. If you did well at the competition, Blind may give you a private audition. If not, at the very least you will have introduced yourself and found out what you need to work on to land the deal. Thank the rep if you do not get signed and tell him you will be seeing him in the future.
  4. Work on your skateboarding tricks and enter another competition. To get sponsored by Blind, you will have to give them a reason to want you. Increase the difficulty of your routine in practice. Try to come up with some combinations that are eye-catching, so the crowd will get behind you. This will get the Blind company representatives at the competition to take notice.
  5. If you still cannot land a deal, do not give up. It would be nice to get sponsored by Blind since you use their products, but there are other sponsors out there. If you do well at various competitions, one or more companies will approach you to sign a sponsorship deal. Sooner or later Blind will know you are a force to be reckoned with in the sport and if they wait too long you may just move on to a different sponsor without them.
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