How To Get Sponsored For BMX

If you have developed a talent for BMX riding, you should consider finding out how to get sponsored for BMX. You will have to possess some serious skills in order to land a BMX sponsorship. Promote yourself by uploading videos from BMX competitions on the internet. If you want to get sponsored for BMX, join an amateur racing circuit and showcase your talents. Many sponsors have representatives at these races who are scouting for the next big racer.

  1. Hone your BMX riding skills. Your ultimate goal is to be sponsored for BMX, so you will have to practice until you think you are ready to compete with the big boys. Push yourself to get better, but do not get frustrated if your progress is slow.
  2. Upload a video that shows how talented you are at BMX. To get sponsored for BMX, you will not only have to be a great rider, you will need to be able to represent your sponsors in a professional manner. The videos you put on the internet should not show you clowning around off track. Act professionally, but also reveal your personality in the videos.
  3. Join an amateur BMX circuit. Nothing sells like performance, so race hard and race clean. Be gracious when you lose, and humble when you win. If you have the talent, you should have no problem getting sponsored for BMX, since the sponsors will find you.
  4. Hire an agent if you are having trouble finding a sponsor. Make an agreement with the agent that if you are sponsored for BMX, she will receive a percentage, but only for a certain length of time. You may be able to land an agent who is already connected to the BMX world, which will get you in front of the sponsors. Then it will be up to you to ride your way into a contract.
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