How To Get Sponsored By Burton

Learning how to get sponsored by Burton is hard. Burton is one of the top snowboard companies, and for sponsorship, which often includes free gear and sometimes, funding, you will have to be among the best boarders. You will need to prove this by entering competitions and coming out on top. Following is some advice on how to get sponsored by Burton.

How to Get Sponsored by Burton

  1. First, if necessary, move to a place with plenty of nearby slopes for the winter.
  2. Practice snowboarding. You can be an excellent racer, or an excellent trick snowboarder to gain sponsorship, so it is best to focus on one style of snowboarding as you practice. Try to maximize your speed if you are thinking of showing Burton sponsors that you can win races, and practice by snowboarding slopes with plenty of moguls and trick opportunities if you want to show off how awesome you are at tricks. 
  3. Enter competitions. You will need to come out on top, so work hard, and win. Enter races, or standard half pipe contests.
  4. Once you have a few wins in local competitions, try to branch out. Enter popular competitions around the country, and make sure that you can come out on top. If you cannot win, you need more practice, or you will not be able to get sponsored by Burton.
  5. Advertise yourself if no one picks on you as you win in competitions. Contact Burton sponsors, and get your name out. Invite them to your competitions, and show how good you are. Now, you have done everything right; you just need to hope that sponsors found you to be a wise investment.

Learning how to get sponsored by Burton requires you to practice hard and become one of the best at snowboarding. Work hard, and begin to enter and win events, and if you can impress enough people, you might get sponsored by a top snowboarding company like Burton.

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