How To Get Sponsored By Chocolate

Learning how to get sponsored by Chocolate is hard. You will have to be among the best skateboarders around to be eligible for sponsorship, which includes free gear, and often funding. To get to the point where you can consider being sponsored, you must practice intensely and become one of the best at the sport. You will also need to enter competitions, and prove yourself to everyone. Following is some advice on how to get sponsored by Chocolate.

How to Get Sponsored by Chocolate: What You Need

  • Trusty skateboard
  • Pads and helmet
  • Local skate park
  • Transport

How to Get Sponsored by Chocolate

  1. Make sure that you have the best board that you can find. Keep the one that you have if it is ideal, or trade up for a better Chocolate board if you find one that is both reliable and physically attractive. Also make sure that you have trusty pads and a helmet.
  2. Practice. You will need to spend long hours skating to even thing about becoming good enough for sponsorship by Chocolate. Visit the local skate park daily, and work on your basic skating and your tricks. If you are a newbie, work on your ollie, and then, once you have that down, begin to start trying out tricks.
  3. Perfect your tricks. Learn to do basic ones, such as 360's, on the half pipe flawlessly, and then work up. Practice grinding on rails, and work on fancy tail grabs and flips. Master these by practicing at the park.
  4. Enter freestyle skateboarding competitions. Start locally, and win to advance and work your way up. You are not going to go anywhere if you do not top every competition that you enter, so, if necessary, practice more, and become the best in your area.
  5. Once you have a winning resume, start entering skating competitions that are on a more national scale. You may need to travel, but if you can win in recognized competitions, you will start to be recognized yourself, and you may catch the eye of sponsors from companies like Chocolate.
  6. If you feel that you have become the best, and you have not been approached, contact Chocolate and advertise yourself. Tell about your experience, and ask what it takes to receive sponsorship. If you are good enough, it will not be long before you get sponsored by Chocolate.

Learning how to get sponsored by Chocolate is not easy. You will need to spend a lot of time practicing to become good enough to participate in competitions with the best skaters, and you will need to win those to become among the best. Once you are there, you are an ideal candidate for sponsorship, so let Chocolate know this if you have not already been approached.

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