How To Get Sponsored By Element

Looking for information on how to get sponsored by Element? There are many riders that are interested in being sponsored by Element. Unfortunately, Element is unable to sponsor all riders that show interest. Possible benefits of being sponsored by Element include monetary compensation, product discounts and complimentary merchandise.

To get sponsored by Element, you will need:

  • A rider resume
  • A sponsor me tape
  1. Create a rider resume. It is not required that you submit a rider resume when you are trying to get sponsored by Element. However, it certainly won't hurt your chances. Your rider resume should showcase your experience and skills as a rider. If you have made any contributions to your community as a rider, be sure to mention them in your rider resume.
  2. Create a sponsor me tape. All riders that would like to get sponsored by Element must submit a sponsor me tape. Your sponsor me tape should contain footage of you riding at your local park. If you own any Element gear, you should wear it during your sponsor me tape. At the end of your sponsor me tape, explain to the Element team manager why Element should sponsor you.
  3. Mail your information to Element. Once you have created your rider resume and sponsor me tape, you will need to mail both to the Element team manager. The address for the Element team manager is Element Skateboards c/o Team Manager, 121 Waterworks Way, Suite 100, Irvine, CA 92618.


After you have mailed your rider resume and sponsor me tape to the Element team manager, wait a few weeks and then send a follow-up letter to the team manager thanking him or her for taking the time to review your information. It may not increase your chances of being sponsored, but it will show that you are dedicated.

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