How To Get Sponsored By Fender

Learning how to get sponsored by Fender is not easy. You will need to put a lot of time and effort into your guitar playing, as only the best will qualify for free gear and funding for shows. Presently, there are a lot of people trying to make it in the music business, and you will need to come out on top to attain sponsorship. Following is some advice on how to get sponsored by Fender.


  1. You will need to practice several hours per day to get good enough to be sponsored. Using a Fender electric guitar, start doing this. Use an amplifier, and begin to learn songs, and make your own. Often, learning the basic electric guitar songs that have great guitar solos is a good start.
  2. Practice until you can easily learn just about anything that you hear. Although you will have to do more than covering others' songs to get sponsored, you will need to be good enough to play with the best.
  3. Once you have really honed your electric guitar playing skills, begin to write your own music. Work with a band if you like, and come up with songs that are original, and that really exemplify your guitar playing talents.
  4. Start doing local shows. This will require you to be good enough to have bars and clubs hire you. Then, start playing as much as possible. Do a multitude of shows, and then try to expand nationally. Likely, you will not be one of the greatest guitarists or bands of all time, but if you can get this far, you may qualify for sponsorship. As you are playing, try to develop a very unique and personal style.
  5. If you are not discovered, contact Fender representatives. Find out what it takes to get sponsored by Fender, and see if you qualify. If you need more exposure, keep at it, and you will soon be good enough and well known enough to get sponsored.

Learning how to get sponsored by Fender requires you to work hard and often at your electric guitar playing. Play often, and start to get your name out there by doing shows, and after enough successful gigs, you can surely find sponsorship.

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