How To Get Sponsored By Gatorade

By keeping some basic guidelines in mind, you can learn how to get sponsored by Gatorade. Gatorade is a popular athletic drink that is typically marketed as a drink for sports stars. Be sure that you are either highly athletic (or at least look the part) in order to secure a sponsorship.

  1. Learn the basics of a particular sport. Most likely, if you do get sponsored by Gatorade, the company will want to take pictures or video of you engaging in some type of athletic play. If you have mastered at least the basics of one particular sport, you will look more natural when doing these jobs.
  2. Look the part. As stated above, Gatorade is marketed for athletes. In order to get a great sponsorship deal, you should look like you are an athlete, or at least work out. Consider getting a personal trainer. Tell them your long term goals, making sure that they are aware you are interested in obtaining a sponsorship from Gatorade. Find the best personal trainer you can afford in order to get the best results in the shortest time period.
  3. Have some head shots taken. These should show off your physic, athletic ability, and modeling skill. As with the personal trainer, find a highly trainer photographer that (ideally) has worked for Gatorade in the past. Have a lot of photos taken, and ask the photographer for their opinion on which are the best.
  4. Send the best of the headshots to Gatorade's talent scout. Make sure to send a cover letter and resume that clearly states some work you have done that is similar to what you will need to do if you do get a sponsorship from Gatorade.
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