How To Get Sponsored By Girl Skateboards

Learning how to get sponsored by Girl Skateboards is a process that will take a lot of commitment on your part. You will need to practice skating very regularly until you have mastered it, and then you must work your way up until you have some status as a known skateboarder. If you cannot separate yourself from the pack, your chances of sponsorship are very slim. The following is some advice on how to get sponsored by Girl Skateboards.

  1. The first step in your attempt to get sponsored by Girl Skateboards is your practicing. Practice every day, as much as you can. If you are new to the sport, first learn the basics, and then work your way up. Once you can flawlessly handle the skateboard, you must learn tricks. Start with the ollie, and then start adding twists to that if you can develop your own tricks.
  2. Enter local skateboarding competitions. With your constant and steady practice, you should do well, so come out on top. If you cannot win any competitions, you need to practice harder. This can be frustrating, but you must keep at it if you hope to attain sponsorship.
  3. Once you are locally successful, you must expand. Enter larger competitions held around the country, and skate well. If you cannot come out on top, you need more practice. Keep working at it until you can be among the very best.
  4. Once you have achieved wins in national skateboarding events, people may begin to notice you. Representatives of Girl Skateboards may approach you, but if they do not, you must keep competing, and even get your name out there to sponsors like Girl. Contact the company, reveal your impressive skateboarding resume, and then see what you can do to earn sponsorship. If you must compete in certain events, do so, but likely, if you are very successful and well know because of your skating talents, you will be picked up, and Girl Skateboards will sponsor you, providing free gear and possible funding.

Learning how to get sponsored by Girl Skateboards means that you must know how to get to the  top in the sport. Skate hard and often, and start to make a name for yourself. If you can do this, you have exactly what it takes to receive sponsorship from a top sponsor.

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