How To Get Sponsored By Nike

Need to know how to get sponsored by Nike? Nike is one of the world's most famous companies, making it very desirable to get sponsored by Nike. Sponsorship can provide a variety of opportunities. Travel expenses and publicity are part of the perks of being sponsored by Nike. There are many ways you can increase your chances of making Nike your sponsor.

  1. Hire an agent. If you are an athlete who is looking to be sponsored by Nike, it is necessary to have an agent that can help prove the validity of your degree of participation in that particular sport. If you aren't an athlete, this action is optional.
  2. Don't harass or send unsolicited mail. Your desire to become sponsored by Nike may be strong, but you should take precautions when dealing with large companies. Since you aren't the only one who has sponsorship dreams, they may receive mail from hundreds of individuals a day. Constantly sending requests to the wrong department makes your chances of being taken seriously decrease.
  3. Fill out a Nike online grant application. Nike has an entire website dedicated to handling sponsorship and grant requests. Fill out the Nike donation application located at the link below. Even though you aren't guaranteed a sponsorship opportunity, your request will be looked over by the right individuals.
  4. Contact others who are sponsored by Nike. If you know of any individuals who are sponsored by Nike, it may be beneficial to also contact them. This may be easier to do if you aren't an athlete, due to competition. If you are an athlete, search for individuals who don't participate in your sport. They may help you learn more about the process.
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