How To Get Sponsored By Red Bull

Learning how to get sponsored by Red Bull means learning the process. For a select few getting sponsored by Red Bull may be easier for them than for others. Red Bull is most commonly know for sponsoring skate boarders. Who knows, maybe a sponsorship by Red Bull can lead to bigger and better things. Here are a few steps that will help you get closer to your goal of being sponsored by Red Bull.

To get sponsored by Red Bull, you will need:

  • Mad skills
  • Video camera
  • Endless dedication
  1. Practice. Make sure that before you even think about getting sponsored by Red Bull that you are great. Sports like skateboarding take practice. There is no way that Red Bull would want to sponsor someone who just woke up today thinking they will become a professional skateboarder by tomorrow. Make sure that you are dedicated to your craft and practice daily.
  2. Film yourself. Gather up your best tricks and get them on camera. Take your video to someone who can edit it professionally so that it can be ready to send into Red Bull.
  3. Enter contests. Make sure to enter yourself into as many contests as you can so that people know who you are. If you are really good, chances are that word of mouth will result in you getting sponsored with Red Bull. Remember, the more people you know and know who you are, the more doors that will be opened up for you.
  4. Send in your information to Red Bull. Send your information and a letter of why you want Red Bull to sponsor you in to Red Bull headquarters. The address is 1740 Stewart St. Santa Monica, CA 90404 USA.

Now, all you can do is hope that you get sponsored by Red Bull.

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