How To Get Sprint Passcodes

If you own a Sprint phone and forgot your pass code, you can learn how to get Sprint passcodes by resetting the code. The process is quick and simple. A pass code locks your phone. Without the code, your phone will not allow you to check the voicemail or change other options. If you find yourself needing to reset your Sprint pass code, we'll explain exactly what you need to do. There are three different ways to go about resetting a pass code for Sprint. All are equally easy.

In order to get Sprint pass codes, you will need:

  • Sprint phone
  • Internet Access
  1. Use your phone. Locate the envelope icon on your phone. Press and hold the appropriate key to launch the voicemail feature. You will now hear your voicemail. You are given several options. Press three in order to hear personal options. After pressing three, press two to hear the administrative options. Listen to the prompts. Option four will allow you to change the pass code. Select four. You can then enter the new code you desire.
  2. Use the website. Visit the Sprint PCS website to change the pass code. Log into your account. Click on "My PCS". Select the personal information option. Go to the password section. It will have the voicemail option. Click "modify" to enter a new pass code.
  3. Have the code sent to your phone. If you press the star key followed by the number two and send on your phone. A new pass code will be sent directly to your Sprint phone in twenty four hours.



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