How to Get a Star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame

Movie stars come and go, but you want to be remembered forever in Hollywood–so how do you get a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame? Created by E.M. Stuart while he was working as the volunteer president of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce in 1953, the Walk of Fame was a work in progress until the first 8 stars were revealed on Hollywood Blvd. in August of 1958. The original Walk of Fame was designed to have 2,518 stars, but over the years, more space has been added (a second row of stars is on the sidewalk in some areas). At the beginning of 2010, Ringo Starr's star became the 2,401st on the Walk of Fame.

There is a process to get a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame. Each year anyone (including fans) can fill out a nomination form. Here are the steps to nominate:

  1. Download a nomination form (or request one by mail) from:
  2. Pick a nominee that fits into one of the following categories: Motion Pictures, Television, Radio, Recording or Live Theatre/Performance.
  3. Along with the nomination form, include: a) A photo of the nominee. b) A brief bio of the nominee. c) The nominee's qualifications. d) A list of how the nominee has been involved in the community and civic duty. e) A letter of agreement from the nominee's management team. The nominee and their team must also confirm they are aware that the cost of a star is $25,000, and it is their duty to pay it to the Hollywood Historic Trust (charitable fund).

Once the Walk of Fame Nomination Committee has received all of the nominations, each June they pick 12 – 20 names that will receive a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame. Their criteria is based on the nominees' achievements in their professional career, their contributions to the community, their longevity in their field (at least 5 years) and the guarantee from the nominee that she or he will attend the unveiling ceremony if selected.

After selections have been made by the Walk of Fame Committee, the Hollywood Chamber's Board of Directors approve the nominees. A final vote is made by the City of Los Angeles' Board of Public Works Department. But final approval of the honorees is given by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

Walk of Fame ceremonies are open to the public and happen periodically throughout the year. But if want to get your star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, you might just want to start cracking on that career in movies or television. Or just nominate your favorite movie star–then you can still say you were a part of making the Hollywood Walk of Fame!


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