How To Get A Strike In Wii Bowling

If you are wondering how to get a strike in Wii bowling the correct answer is practice. All the little nuances that go into the style of your game play make things a little different for each bowler. But that is the fun part. If everything was always the same, then you could effortlessly get a strike anytime you wanted. That would make drunken bowling league night incredibly boring. That being said, there are two decent techniques to get you on the right path to getting strikes. But you have to make them your own through practice.

To get a strike in Wii bowling, you will need:

  • A Nintendo Wii
  • A copy of Wii Sports
  1. Technique number one. The techniques used to get a strike in Wii bowling will resemble nothing like the physical skills you would use to actually go real world bowling. In fact, some look down right silly like this one. Tap right twice and hold the ‘B’ button down. Now start swinging your arm as your Mii approaches the beginning of the lane. Let go of the ‘B’ button right when the arm swings up. In this style of release, timing is everything. Some people count out loud to aid them in the release but some people also move their lips when they read menus. If done correctly, the ball should line drive straight between the first and second pin resulting in a strike.
  2. Technique number two. This is the most popular method to get a strike in Wii bowling. Everybody has a slight variation to match their release but the technique is basically the same. Line your Mii all the way to the right so the red line is between the last two notches on the lane. Hold ‘B’ and throw hard. Release the button when your arm is still pointing down so you do not make the ball hop. With practice, timing and a lot of cursing, you will slowly figure out the release. The idea is to make the ball curve slightly so it spins in for a strike.


  • You can reverse these techniques if you are left handed.
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