How To Get A Stripper To Come Home With You

Strip clubs are a great place to see beautiful women in their most uninhibited form and many fantasize about how to get a stripper to come home with you. The key steps all involve the correct approach and patience.

  1. Lose the stereotypes and be respectful. Before even beginning to speak with a stripper, leave the degrading stereotypes behind. Stereotypes like strippers being prostitutes, dirty, or having zero self-worth are exactly the types of preconceived ideas that will limit your approach with her. If you have these stereotypes imbedded in your mind, you will more than likely employ these ideals in your manner of language and word choice both directly and indirectly. It is important to rid your mind of these thoughts before proceeding in your attempt to get a stripper to come home with you.
  2. Opt for someone with chemistry as well as good looks. Although looks are an important factor of this process, do not make this the primary factor in who you choose. Choose someone with whom you have chemistry. If you simply go after a stripper with a pretty face, you may be setting yourself up for failure. Just like any other encounter, this is all about chemistry and attraction. If you choose a combination of chemistry and physical attraction, you are more than likely to get a stripper to come home with you.
  3. Approach her delicately. A stripper are just like any other woman. They have needs and want to be heard. Therefore, you should approach her delicately like you would any other woman. Leave the bar type of conversation behind and get to know her. You should be showing interest in her and who she is outside of her profession. If you come off too strong, you just may lose the one opportunity to get a stripper to come home with you.
  4. Offer her something different. During your conversation with a stripper, it is important to understand that strippers are accustomed to men hitting on them. The last thing that she wants to hear about is how great you are in bed, how much money you make, or how you can offer her a better lifestyle. This is the type of jargon she hears on a daily basis, which will consequentially put you into the same category as every other man she has encountered. Nonetheless, this is the opportunity to make yourself seem less egotistical, yet trustworthy. Offer her a genuine friendship or companionship based upon the interests that you share. The less interest you show in sex-related conversation, the more trustworthy you will appear, thus resulting in a better chance of a stripper coming home with you.
  5. Invite her over. After you have gotten to know who she is and what her interests are, invite her over for some friendly activities. Host a poker game night, a party, or any activity that you think that she might enjoy. Activities like these are non-threatening and she will feel more comfortable and confident with you, which will increase your chances of a stripper coming home with you.

Please be advised that offering to pay someone for any sexual activity is illegal and could land you in jail. Moreover, these types of advances are not necessary to get a stripper to come home with you. In following these simple steps, learning how to get a stripper to come home with you is easy and can be a fun experience.

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